zaterdag 17 maart 2007

Trance Quiz (V2)

Tweede editie van mijn quiz over trance voor de echte liefhebbers. December 2006 gepost op Wil je de quiz eerst zelf spelen? Dat kan hier. De antwoorden volgen hieronder - dikgedrukt het juiste. Bij iedere vraag staan verwijzingen voor meer informatie.

1. The singer of which 80s band is featured on Ferry Corsten's 'Fire'?

a. A-Ha
b. Depeche Mode
c. Duran Duran
d. New Order

>Link: Simon Le Bon op Discogs.

2. Rank 1's 'Airwave' was theme song to which dance festival?

a. Awakenings
b. Dance Valley
c. Extrema
d. Inner City

>Link: Rank 1 bij het Popinstituut.

3. When Jam & Spoon's 'Stella' was re-released in 1999, the title on the cover was followed by a referral to which movie?

a. Dedicato a una Stella
b. How Stella Got Her Groove Back
c. Stella
d. Stella Street

>Link: Jam & Spoon op Wikipedia.

4. Label name Platipus refers to a semi-aquatic mammal living in Eastern Australia and Tasmania. One of Platipus' sublabels is named after which reptile?

a. Boa
b. Chameleon
c. Gekko
d. Tuatara

>Link: Platipus Records op Discogs.
>Link: Gekko op Discogs.

5. Which is NOT a title of a track produced by Gareth Emery?

a. Bouncebackability
b. Dial Me Up
c. Digital Blues
d. X Equals 69

>Link: 'Bouncebackability' op Discogs.
>Link: 'Dial Me Up' op Discogs.
>Link: 'Digital Blues' op Discogs.
>Link: 'X Equals 69' op Discogs.

6. What is the highest position a Faithless single ever reached in the mainstream UK chart?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

>Link: Faithless singles op Wikipedia. Hoogste posities in de Amerikaanse en Britse (dance) charts staan hier vermeld.

7. Which is NOT a guise of Ronald van Gelderen?

a. Electribe
b. Formologic
c. Kid Vicious
d. Van Gelderen

>Link: Electribe op Discogs.
>Link: Ronald van Gelderen op Discogs.

8. After Lightning Records' bankruptcy in 2003, sublabel Bonzai Records was continued under which name?

a. Banshee Works
b. Bonzai Music
c. Bonzai Trance
d. Green Martian

>Link: Bonzai Records op Wikipedia.

9. Albinoni's Adagio was recreated by Above & Beyond under which alias, referring to a movie the classical piece is featured in?

a. Above and Beyond
b. Androides Inc.
c. Casanova
d. Rollerball

>Link: Rollerball op Discogs.
>Link: 'Rollerball' op IMDB.

10. Paul Moelands is a succesful web designer, but also a very succesful trance producer. Which is NOT a guise under which he releases his music?

a. Octagen
b. Paul Moelands
c. Re:Locate
d. Scratch Bandicoot

>Link: Paul Moelands op Discogs.
>Link: Paul Moelands design.

11. Armin van Buuren's (or rather Perpetuous Dreamer's) 'The Sound of Goodbye' features which vocalist?

a. Elles de Graaf
b. Jan Johnston
c. Kirsty Hawkshaw
d. Tiff Lacey

>Link: Elles de Graaf op Discogs.

12. The world's largest online dance music store was launched in 1996. What is its name?

a. Audiojelly
b. Beatport
c. CDJShop
d. Juno

>Link: Audiojelly (MP3-winkel).
>Link: Beatport (MP3-winkel).
>Link: CDJshop (vinyl-, cd- en MP3-winkel).
>Link: Juno (vinyl-, cd- en MP3-winkel).
>Link: Over Juno.

13. What was the name of Armada's project in which classical pieces were recreated by modern-day trance producers, with Dutch concert pianist Jan Vayne on piano?

a. Classical Trance
b. Classical Trance Masterpieces
c. Classical Trancelations
d. Trance Classics

>Link: 'Classical Trancelations' op Discogs.

14. Jezper Söderlund is one of the founders of He is also a very succesful trance producer. Which one of his aliases is unique to Jezper (meaning no other producers release under the same guise)?

a. Airbase
b. Mono
c. Rah
d. The Scarab

>Link: zoekopdracht Airbase op Discogs.
>Link: zoekopdracht Mono op Discogs. Dit is Jezper.
>Link: zoekopdracht Rah op Discogs. Dit is Jezper.
>Link: zoekopdracht The Scarab op Discogs. Dit is Jezper.

15. Soft Cell singer Marc Almond featured on which System F single?

a. Cry
b. Soul On Soul
c. Spaceman
d. Tainted Love

>Link: Marc Almond op Discogs.

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