zaterdag 17 maart 2007

Trance Quiz (V1)

Leuke quiz over trance voor liefhebbers, samengesteld door mij en begin december 2006 geplaatst op het grootste forum voor trancefans: Wil je de antwoorden nog niet weten? Speel de quiz dan hier. De antwoorden (het juiste is dikgedrukt) volgen hieronder, inclusief verwijzingen voor meer informatie:

1. Which is NOT a description of ‘trance’ on

a. A bewildered condition
b. A half-conscious state
c. A hypnotic condition
d. A form of electronic dance music

>Link: 'Trance' op

2. Which name is NOT one of Simon Berry’s guises?

a. Art of Trance
b. Poltergeist
c. Terra Ferma
d. Vicious Circles

>Link: Simon Berry op Discogs.
>Link: Terra Ferma op Discogs.

3. What year was Future Sounds of London’s epic breakbeat anthem ‘Papua New Guinea’ first released?

a. 1989
b. 1990
c. 1991
d. 1992

>Link: Future Sound Of London op Discogs.

4. Which legendary German trance producer died January 2006, aged 39?

a. Jam el Mar
b. Mark Spoon
c. Oliver Lieb
d. Paul van Dyk

>Link: Website van Mark Spoon (in memoriam).

5. What was DJ Tiësto’s debut single?

a. Lethal Industry
b. Sparkles
c. The Tube
d. Theme from Norefjell

>Link: Overzicht van DJ Tiësto's singles op Wikipedia.

6. After remixing William Orbit’s interpretation of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Ferry Corsten remixed another Orbit interpretation of which classical piece?

a. Barber’s First Symphony in One Movement
b. Ravel’s Bolero
c. Ravel’s Pavane Pour une Infante Défunte
d. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

>Link: Officiële website van Ferry Corsten. Klik op Artist Info en vervolgens op Remixes.

7. Cygnus X is one of the most popular trance groups ever, with ‘The Orange Theme’ and ‘Superstring’ having seen several re-releases since 1993. But what does ‘Cygnus’ mean in Latin?

a. Duck
b. Pigeon
c. Sparrow
d. Swan

>Link: 'Cygnus' op Wikipedia.

8. Frankfurt is often cited as the birthplace of trance, home to the likes of DJ Dag (member of Dance 2 Trance), Sven Väth, Oliver Lieb and Torsten Stenzel (member of York). Which trance label is NOT based in Frankfurt?

a. Eye Q
b. Rising High
c. Superstition
d. Vandit

>Link: Trance uit Frankfurt op Wikipedia.
>Link: Vandit Records op Discogs.

9. Which trance producer is NOT Belgian?

a. Jonas Steur
b. Laurent Véronnez
c. Mike Dierickx
d. Pierre Hiver

>Link: Officiële website van Jonas Steur.
>Link: Officiële website van Laurent Véronnez.
>Link: Officiële website van M.I.K.E.
>Link: Officiële website van Hiver & Hammer. Klik op Biography en selecteer Hiver.

10. Which Ferry Corsten track was first released under his Moonman guise and later re-released under his own name?

a. Don’t Be Afraid
b. First Light
c. Galaxia
d. Night Shade

>Link: Moonman op Discogs.
>Link: Ferry Corsten op Discogs.

11. What trance label is home to a group by the same name?

a. Anjunabeats
b. Black Hole
c. Platipus
d. Purple Eye

>Link: Anjunabeats (artiest) op Discogs.

12. Brian Transeau (BT) has produced a single for which boy band?

a. Backstreet Boys
b. ’NSync
c. Take That
d. Westlife

>Link: BT op Wikipedia.

13. Which sub-genre of trance is NOT listed on Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music?

a. Buttrock Goa
b. Dutch Trance
c. Pizzicato Trance
d. Psytekk

>Link: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.
>Link: Trance genres op Wikipedia.

14. Svenson (Sven Maes) & (Johan) Gielen have previously produced under which alias?

a. Airbase
b. Airfire
c. Airscape
d. Airwave

>Link: Airscape op Discogs.

15. There are 4 Dutch DJs in the top 20 of this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. Which one is ranked highest?

a. Armin van Buuren
b. Ferry Corsten
c. Marco V
d. Tiësto

>Link: DJ Mag Top 100 2006.

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